Google Workspace

A professional set of business tools.

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a cloud-based IT system built specifically for businesses. The core apps included in the basic package include email, calendar, and file storage, and it has the ability to integrate with numerous other business apps such as CRM, administrative, and productivity tools.

As little as £55 per user annually

Google Workspace starts from only £55 per user per year including 30Gb of storage across email and files. Workspace Business costs £110 per year for increased storage and more advanced features. You can add new users and upgrade to Business whenever you like.

99.9% uptime guarantee for core apps

Every year since Google Workspace (G Suite) was introduced in 2006, Google has not broken this guarantee. It is far more reliable than most IT systems, especially on-premise servers which almost always have much higher downtime.

Work from anywhere on any device

You can work using Google Workspace (G Suite) from any device so it doesn’t matter if a machine breaks – just log into another and keep working. There are Android and iOS versions of the core apps to make mobile working seamless.

What's included



Professional email

Google Meet


Secure video meetings for teams and businesses



Simplify 1:1 and group messaging



Scheduling for teams

Google Docs


Real-time word processing

Google Sheets


Powerful spreadsheets

Google Slides


Beautiful presentations

Google Forms


Create surveys and forms

Google Sites


Easy website creation

Google Drive


Store, sync and share files securely in the cloud from any device



Update notes anytime, anywhere.

Using Google Drive

Going Google

After Going Google, the vast majority of surveyed organisations report huge increases in workplace collaboration, efficiency, flexibility and mobility. This often results in them being able to redirect their time saved and focus on improving overall service levels for customers, as shown by the statistics below.





Businesses we work with report massive cost savings back to us and often praise Google Workspace (G Suite) for its cost transparency. Whether a new worker needs to be onboarded, or the business requires rapid expansion of user accounts; Workspace’s pricing plans are flexible and easy to understand.

The security and reliability are also second-to-none as Google guarantees 99.9% uptime on your IT systems: a promise unrivalled by any other on-premise solution.